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Checkered giant babies

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 4/20/18
We have beautiful baby checkered giant bunnies for sale. They will be ready to go May 13th.   $10

Holland Lop New Zealand Cross.

For Sale in Easley, SC - 4/19/18
6 weeks on 4/19, beautiful colors and super healthy. Starting at   $20  each. OBO. Easley area.
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For Sale in Claremont, NC - 4/16/18
Dutch full blooded, 7 weeks old. 20 to 25 half lops, full lop 30.   CONTACT

White Holland Lop Ear.

For Sale in Piedmont, SC - 4/12/18
Please bring a box.   $10

Rabbits Wanted.

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 4/11/18
Male and female.   CONTACT

Lop Eared Bunnies.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 4/11/18
Call for details.   $10  each.
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California Rabbits (6)

For Sale in Flat Rock, NC - 4/12/18
2 years old, bucks and does.   $15  each or $60 for all.

Angora Buck, Pedigree

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 4/5/18
French/German. Is very sweet and clever, but needs extensive regular grooming. Perfect friend to a weaver! Proven sire.   $60

Bunnies, Adorable!

For Sale in Candler, NC - 4/5/18
We have some of the cutest bunnies ever. 5 weeks old and ready to go! Multiple colors.   $15


For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 4/5/18
Various breeds, all ages.   $50  Male Flemish Giants, others $10 and up.

Smutty nose rabbits.

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 3/26/18
Looks like Siamese cats. Solid white, could weigh up to 20 pounds or more.   CONTACT

Sweet and cuddly Lionhead Netherland Dwarfs.

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 3/26/18
6 weeks old, blue, easy to litter train. Weight will be about 2 lbs. Text or call anytime.   CONTACT

Dwarf Rabbit Babies and Adults

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 3/29/18
Beautiful, sweet! Hickory area.   $30

Rabbit Cage, Free

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 3/21/18
Has a roof, on stand, nesting box, feeder and waterer. You haul.   Free

Mini Rex Males (2)

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 4/17/18
13 months old, 1 is black and white, 1 solid white with black eyes. Need to be in separate cages. Hickory area.   $15  each.

Bunny Babies Just in Time for Easter!

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 3/21/18
Called Checkerds, good rabbits for pets or meat.   $10

Bunnies, Chinchilla-Rex Cross

For Sale in Anderson, SC - 3/21/18
Born on 2-13-18. Call The Farm in Anderson, SC for pricing.   CONTACT

Rex Golden Bucks.

For Sale in Buffalo, SC - 3/29/18
Asking   $20  to $40.

Bunny Rabbits

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 4/19/18
3 black males/1 chestnut female, 2 months old. Non-GMO, forage fed. Free delivery if nearby. Discount for multiples. Mars Hill.   $25

Wrex rabbits.

For Sale in Buffalo, SC - 3/29/18
6 weeks old, for Easter.   $15  to $20 each.

Easter Bunnies, Angora & Lion Head.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 3/15/18
Call for details.   $12  and under.
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