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For Sale in Asheville, NC - 5/26/17
Wood has been cut, may need to cut to size, $50 negotiable. Also wood stove, metal box around it, $300.   CONTACT

Free pine.

Free Stuff in Arden, NC - 5/18/17
Some sections are 25' long, if interested, please call.   Free

Free firewood.

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 5/17/17
You cut and pick up. Russell.   Free


For Sale in Conover, NC - 5/16/17
Split, hardwood.   $50  per truck load.

Hardwood firewood

Free Stuff in Seneca, SC - 5/12/17
1/2 pickup load or slightly more. Cut to length. Free.   Free


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/12/17
Four large truck loads, $125 per load, or $400 for all.   CONTACT

Cedar Tree, Large.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 5/12/17
Still standing, furniture quality. Must cut it down yourself, will give away.   Free

Log Splitter

For Sale in Flag Pond, TN - 5/4/17
10 Ton Manual by Central Hydraulics, 2 handle, portable.   $100


For Sale in Conover, NC - 4/26/17
Tree down, free you haul away. Claremont area.   CONTACT

Black walnut fireplace mantle.

For Sale in Clyde, NC - 4/24/17
Also old barn lumber. Call for details.   CONTACT

All seasoned and hardwood

Free Stuff in Skyland, NC - 4/24/17
Some12"-15" rounds, logs to be cut, not split.   Free

Mixed Firewood

For Sale in Vale, NC - 5/22/17
Cut, split, seasoned. Delivery available for extra charge. Short bed pickup truckloads.   $30

Hickory Firewood.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/5/17
16" long, one ton load.   $250

Wood, Free.

Free Stuff in Connellys Springs, NC - 5/4/17
5-7 trees, you can have all the wood free if you cut them down.   Free

Firewood. All hardwood,

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 5/19/17
delivered. $75. Greenville, Easley and Fountain Inn   CONTACT

Walnut tree.

For Sale in Pickens, SC - 5/15/17
Needs to but cut and removed. Will pay $100 to cut up and saw.   CONTACT

Firewood, seasoned hardwood,

For Sale in Travelers Rest, SC - 5/10/17
split, ready to burn. Any size load. Can deliver.   CONTACT

I have a large oak tree that's been cut down.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 4/25/17
Selling for 125.00, you come and pick up. It needs sawing up.   CONTACT
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Firewood, seasoned hardwoods.

For Sale in Taylorsville, NC - 4/30/17
1 cord, $160. $90 for 1/2, delivered within 10 miles of Bethlehem. Your pickup, short bed $60, long bed $80.   CONTACT

Oak Trees for sale,

For Sale in Pickens, SC - 5/15/17
for firewood. Approximately 50 trees.   CONTACT


For Sale in Asheville, NC - 5/16/17
seasoned for 6 to 8 months. Easy access. You cut & haul. Asheville.   $75  per truckload.

Firewood for camping.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 5/16/17
Mixed wood, seasoned, no calls before 9am, none after 10pm. You pick up. Asheville.   $50  per truckload.


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/5/17
Cut 16" long. 1-ton truckload, $225. Small load $125. Pickup truckload, $55.   CONTACT


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/15/17
SPRING SPECIAL, $250 per load, 1.5 cords, delivered to your location, within 15 miles of Claremont, between 800 to 900 pieces of wood. For delivery over 15 miles, additional charge. Call Ronnie,   CONTACT

Metal cages.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/3/17
To hold firewood.   $25  each.

8' firewood log rack.

For Sale in Lynn, NC - 5/16/17
Wrought iron. Good condition.   $40
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