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Free firewood.

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 9/21/17
Large poplar tree was cut down to mix in with your hardwoods for burning. 18" cut blocks. Appointment necessary.   Free

Truck load

For Sale in Anderson, SC - 9/19/17
$65 to $75 depending on length of travel from Anderson area.   CONTACT


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 9/19/17
$45, $70 and $90 loads delivered.   CONTACT

Seasoned oak!

For Sale in Candler, NC - 9/18/17
Seasoned oak for sale, we deliver!   $120  Per load

Mixed Hardwood Firewood

For Sale in Hendersonville, NC - 9/18/17
Full sized pickup load of Mixed Hardwood Firewood. $80 delivered to the Hendersonville area.   $80


For Sale in Lincolnton, NC - 9/18/17
Will give away, just come pick it up.   CONTACT


For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 9/18/17
All hardwood, cut 21", and packed on 3/4 ton truck. Lenoir area.   $70  per load.

Firewood. All Hardwood,

For Sale in Granite Falls, NC - 9/15/17
already cut, on the ground. You haul, will give away. Several loads.   CONTACT

Pecan Wood

For Sale in Honea Path, SC - 9/15/17
4 to 5 ft sections. Good for smoking, grilling etc. Large truck load.   $60

Hickory Firewood.

For Sale in Morganton, NC - 9/14/17
2 loads, needs to be split.   CONTACT


For Sale in Asheville, NC - 9/13/17
Maple, dried and on ground. You cut. East Asheville.   CONTACT

Wanted firewood.

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 9/13/17
Will trade for miscellaneous flea market items.   CONTACT


For Sale in Leicester, NC - 9/12/17
split, dried. I cord +   $150

You cut and Keep

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 9/12/17
Oak firewood. Elderly needs tree cut for the wood. Must be insured.   CONTACT


For Sale in Leicester, NC - 9/8/17
2 year seasoned. LWB truck full.   $100

Wood brush.

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 9/7/17
From hardwood trees. Leave message.   Free

Oak Firewood, 5 Cords

For Sale in Flat Rock, NC - 9/11/17
Cut to 18 inch length, seasoned and ready to burn!   $150  cord you haul; $200 cord delivered.

Hickory Wood.

For Sale in Morganton, NC - 9/5/17
Two large loads.   CONTACT

Pine Logs, Free

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/1/17
Pine trees have been cut and limbed. Some are big enough for lumber others for firewood. Easy access on Sulphur Springs Road. Call.   Free

Wanted log splitter.

Wanted in Candler, NC - 8/31/17
Call with information.   CONTACT


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 8/28/17
Cut and split, you pickup or I can deliver. Call for prices, of load sizes. Call after 5 pm.   CONTACT

Hardwood Firewood.

For Sale in Maiden, NC - 9/12/17
White ash, already cut. Free you cut and haul. Maiden area. Also, two white ash, large 10' long 16" diameter logs, good for tabletops or counters.   CONTACT

Seasoned hardwood.

For Sale in Leicester, NC - 8/24/17
Delivered within the area, no calls after 8pm   $125  for pickup load, trailer load is $225.

Seasoned Oak firewood.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 9/14/17
6 foot truck bed load delivered and stacked   $75


For Sale in Maiden, NC - 9/18/17
All Oaks, Gum, etc. Seasoned or Green. Stacked on 3/4 ton truck. Will deliver within 10 miles or so. Leave message.   $75
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Firewood (Dry Seasoned), Free

Free Stuff in Easley, SC - 8/31/17
Cut to fireplace size. From 2 dead sweet gum trees. We're located half-way between Easley and I-85.   Free
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