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15 original Disney movies,

For Sale in Anderson, SC - 2/21/17
and 8 miscellaneous movies, all VHS.   $15  for all.

TV Show DVD's

For Sale in Marion, NC - 2/9/17
Jeff Foxworthy, Lucy Show, Wild Kingdom, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin. Marion, NC $1 per DVD   CONTACT

Red Skelton, Bonanza

For Sale in Marion, NC - 2/9/17
DVD's. In Excellent Condition. Skelton DVD set $4.00, Bonanza DVD set $4.00. Marion, NC   CONTACT

Duck Dynasty

For Sale in Marion, NC - 2/9/17
Season 3 Complete in excellent condition. Located in Marion.   $4

Golf DVD's.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/7/17
New Golfers Platinum Collection, by Bruce Harmon and David Leadbetter. Three DVD set, $15. The Lost Fundamentals of Hogan, by Luther Blacklock, $5.   CONTACT

240 DVD's Including Box Sets

For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 2/6/17
This lot is a 15 year personal collection. You get 240 DVD's, including box sets. All movies are in great condition & have been very well taken care of.   $150

DVDs and VCR Tapes

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/6/17
Tapes $1 each, DVDs $3 each. Popular titles!   CONTACT

Star Wars.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/10/17
First 3 episodes on Blu-Ray. Also have every Harry Potter movie on Blu-Ray. Brand new condition!   $60  for all.

Thundercats DVDs.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 1/23/17
Season 1, volume 2 and Season 2, volume 1.   $30

Variety of DVDs.

For Sale in Whittier, NC - 1/23/17
Wide selection of DVDs in like new condition, plus other items. Call for information.   CONTACT

VHS Tapes

For Sale in Hudson, NC - 2/3/17
41 movies and cartoons. Will not sell separately.   $35

Approximately 170,

For Sale in Weaverville, NC - 2/3/17
DVDs & VHS movies, all in excellent condition. Evening call only!   $1  each.

VHS and DVDs Movies.

For Sale in Seneca, SC - 2/13/17
All varieties. $0.50-$1.00 for VHS, $2.00 for DVD's. Cassettes also available.   CONTACT

Free DVDs.

Wanted in Spartanburg, SC - 2/20/17
Call for info.   CONTACT

Looking for

Wanted in Spartanburg, SC - 2/20/17
any wanted free DVD's.   CONTACT

DVD's for sale

For Sale in Marshall, NC - 2/10/17
Call 9am-1pm, Monday- Saturday. No Sunday calls. No texts.$3-5 each.   CONTACT

Over 300 VHS movies.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 2/14/17
$3.00 each. Call anytime at   CONTACT

Over 300 DVDs.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 2/14/17
Movies. Asking   $4  and up.

Dobie Gillis complete TV series.

For Sale in Pickens, SC - 2/7/17
All 4 seasons. 21 DVDs. Excellent condition.   $35

80 VHS movies.

For Sale in Murphy, NC - 2/6/17
Comedy, Action, Horror, Suspense. All in great condition with jackets. Will sacrifice for   $40

DVDs new and used.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 2/8/17
Very good condition. CDs also available.   CONTACT
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