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Pure Bred Roosters

For Sale in Casar, NC - 8/23/17
I have a few White and Barred Plymouth Rock and New Hampshire Red roosters for sale   $8

Red Star Roosters

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 8/21/17
Just beginning to crow. Three pretty white with some light red color Red Star Roosters, from Murray McMurray hatchery. Very pretty.   Free
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Bird Cage 4x6x6

For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 8/21/17
New, small hole wire, tin, hardwire, good reclaimed lumber, safe and strong for chicks, quail, pheasants, parrots and others.   $250
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Bird Cage 4x6x6

For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 8/21/17
New wire, tin, hardware, reclaimed lumber. Great for chickens, pheasants, turkey, and large birds.   $175

New 8x6 chicken coop.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 8/16/17
Tin roof, 4 nest boxes/ perch. Key door entrance, chicken ramp.   $1,000  negotiable.


For Sale in Maiden, NC - 8/14/17
(1) Black Copper Maran Rooster, Four-months-old $ 7.00   CONTACT

Blue Copper Maran Roosters, Three

For Sale in Maiden, NC - 8/21/17
(2) One year old, $10.00 each, and (1) four month old for $ 7.00   CONTACT

Wyandotte Bantams, White

For Sale in Maiden, NC - 8/21/17
2 hens and 1 rooster.   $25  for the trio.


For Sale in Maiden, NC - 8/14/17
(2) White Leghorn / Barnvelder Cross Hens, (1) Feathered footed white hen, all are One-year-olds $8.00 each   CONTACT

Chickens, laying hens

For Sale in Liberty, SC - 8/14/17
and one rooster. 1 year old. Laying good.   $12  each if you take all or $15 each.

Pair of Geese

For Sale in Central, SC - 8/10/17
Mating pair of Toulouse Geese. Female 3 yrs old, male 1.5 yrs old. Must go together.   $50  for pair


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 8/9/17
6 Hens, with 4 chicks.   $200  OBO

3 pair brown leghorn chickens.

For Sale in Travelers Rest, SC - 8/8/17
3 hens, 3 roosters, start laying soon. Heavy breed hens, $10 each. Some roosters, free with sale.   $8  each.

Styrofoam Incubator

For Sale in Belton, SC - 8/8/17
Incubators include fan and egg turners   $65  Each.

Seabrights and Mille Fluer

For Sale in Belton, SC - 8/8/17
Seabrights, Mille Fluer $5 each Ducks $10   CONTACT

Guineas $5 up

For Sale in Anderson, SC - 8/8/17
At The Farm in Anderson SC, many to choose from   $5


For Sale in Hildebran, NC - 8/14/17
1 Amberlink, 1 Buckeye, 3 Silkies. All are under 1 year old.   $10  each.

24 young laying hens.

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 8/4/17
Production red, Rhode Island reds, black sexlinks, Golden Comet, Columbia Crouse, Amberlinks, New Hampshire reds.   $8  each if you take all. $10 each to take a few.

Golden Comet/Rhode Island Red chicks

For Sale in Boonville, NC - 8/4/17
We have 6 chicks available, 8 weeks old, healthy and friendly. Our farm is NC NPIP/AI Clean.   $8

Cabinet Incubator

For Sale in Boonville, NC - 8/4/17
Antique (Leahy) Montgomery Ward Redwood incubator. 4 hatching trays, water tray, heater, fan and 6 plug outlet. Great shape! Pictures available.   $400

Hens, Laying

For Sale in Rutherfordton, NC - 8/7/17
6 months old, large/medium brown eggs. Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Buff Orpington. Harris area. Susan.   $18

Game chickens, yellow buffs, and laying hens.

For Sale in Honea Path, SC - 8/2/17
Also, chicken pens. $20 and up for the chickens. $25 and up on the pens.   CONTACT
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