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Chicken Supplies.

For Sale in Icard, NC - 4/20/18
Waterers, Feeders, and other supplies. Used only 1 year. Calls only, no texts.   $65

Copper Maran hens,

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 4/19/18
about 1.5 months old. Will lay dark eggs. 10ea   $10  each.

Looking for a female Peahen.

Wanted in Leicester, NC - 4/18/18
12 year old Fred is Peahen. Or will swap young male.   CONTACT

Young mix breed heavy set chickens.

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 4/18/18
Young mix of hens and roosters. 8 hens, 5 roosters.   Free

Chicken supplies.

For Sale in Icard, NC - 4/16/18
Lights, feeding and watering, old nest with 5 laying sections, chicken catcher.   CONTACT

Incubator 1502 upright.

For Sale in Old Fort, NC - 4/16/18
Holds approx. 288 eggs, hatching trays, works good. Only used 4-5 times.   $500  for all.

Black Sumatra chickens.

Wanted in Vale, NC - 4/16/18
Young or old. Call with information.   CONTACT

Full Clarit rooster.

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 4/12/18
Or trade for beautiful Gray Cock.   $35


For Sale in Taylorsville, NC - 4/20/18
Farm event: Saturday, May 19th. chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, peafowl, rabbits, goats, sheep, and several more!   CONTACT

Ameraucana Chickens

For Sale in Lake Toxaway, NC - 4/19/18
Blue, black, and splash Ameraucana hens. Black rooster, blue rooster. 1 year old in May.   CONTACT

Ameraucana chicks.

For Sale in Lake Toxaway, NC - 4/9/18
Hatched on Easter Day 2018. Blue, black, splash colors. Mostly black.   $7


For Sale in Vale, NC - 4/9/18
chickens and rabbits. Chickens are young and laying very well, rabbits are about 9 weeks old. Please call or text for pictures and more info.   $10

Ring Neck Pheasants.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 4/9/18
Melanistic Mutant Pheasants. $15 each. Also, eggs, 3 for $1.   CONTACT

Chickens Wanted.

Wanted in Taylorsville, NC - 4/9/18
Rhode Island Reds, or Bard Rocks.   CONTACT

Modern game chicken bantams

For Sale in Erwin, TN - 4/9/18
The most gentle pets you can have, from Africa. Suroma bantams, original breed. I also take in unwanted birds.   CONTACT

2 India Blue Peacocks.

For Sale in Spartanburg, SC - 4/5/18
Male, 3 years old. Very beautiful.   $175  each.

7 game roosters.

For Sale in Liberty, SC - 4/5/18
Call for more information.   $45  each.


For Sale in Swannanoa, NC - 4/5/18
Tom Turkey's, $35. A few hen turkey's, $30.   CONTACT

Rhode Island Red Chicks

For Sale in Travelers Rest, SC - 4/12/18
Chicks are 4 weeks old. No hormones/antibiotics, straight run. Hens should be laying in July!   $4

3 pullets and one rooster.

For Sale in Hendersonville, NC - 4/4/18
Black Ostrolops, 6 weeks old. Hendersonville, NC   $30


For Sale in Central, SC - 4/2/18
6 weeks old. Wyandotte chicks and Golden Comet chicks.   $5
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Laying hens.

For Sale in Nebo, NC - 4/2/18
Asking   $15  for one or $20 per set.

Ducks (2), Babies

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 4/6/18
1 calico with striped face, 1 black with a yellow tummy. Would make a wonderful present!   Free
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