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Nubian Alpine Does.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/22/17
(2), one chocolate and one tan, 10 months old, gentle.   $200

Blue eyed Nigerian dwarf

For Sale in Leland, NC - 2/22/17
I have 6 Nigerian dwarf goats mom and dad are almost 2 years old. First kid is 8 months old and triplets are a week old. We have kept there hooves trimmed. Our 8 month old is a male and has been neutered by a vet. We are moving to Kentucky and can not take them because of the long drive. They...   $500  for all 6.

Young goats.

For Sale in Spartanburg, SC - 2/21/17
Males $50 each and Females $75 each.   CONTACT

Dairy Goats, Saanan & Operhaslie.

For Sale in Claremont, NC - 2/20/17
Babies at side. Call for more information.   CONTACT

Sanana Goat Wanted

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 2/20/17
Full blooded, milker. Call with details.   CONTACT

Toggenburg Nanny

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/20/17
About 3 years old, black with white. Good milker, will have kids end of July. Very gentle!   $350

Baby goats.

For Sale in Seneca, SC - 2/16/17
3 males, 1 female. Breeded nannies.   $150  each.

Boar Nanny.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/15/17
1 year old, red and white, great disposition.   $250

Alpine/Nubian Goats.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/15/17
Doe, 1 year old, dehorned. Dame is 1 gallon milker, and sire is from good milking lines, very gentle and beautiful!   $250  each.

Toggenburg/Pygmy Doe.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/15/17
9 months old, smokey white, with black spots. Adorable, will make a great pet.   $150

Nanny goat,

For Sale in Columbus, NC - 2/15/17
with 2 week old female baby.   $175  for the pair.

Male pigmy goat.

For Sale in Old Fort, NC - 2/14/17
Proven. 2 years old. Solid white.   $100

Rambouillet Ram Lamb

For Sale in Robbinsville, NC - 2/13/17
Brown Ram born in May ready for breeding stock or meat   $200

Baby Goats, Born Feb. 7.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 2/9/17
Two does, 1 billy, Sanana, no papers. Large white, good milkers. Mother is excellent milker and good breeder. Shots up to date. Does, $250 firm, billy $200 firm.   CONTACT

Briar Goats.

For Sale in Ravenel, SC - 2/9/17
Born November 30th, 10 weeks old. One male, one female. Asking $85 for the female, $70 for the male. Located in Ravenel. Please text if interested.   CONTACT

Dorper Ram

For Sale in Rutherfordton, NC - 2/6/17
5 year old Full blood Dorper Ram (no papers) “Traveler” from Crane Creek Farm, Sumner, Iowa. Crane Creek Farm is a parasite free farm, the ram has been dewormed twice on our farm in the course of our parasite prevention program. Traveler is easy to manage and keeps good body weight on pasture....   $300

Pygmy Goats.

For Sale in Vale, NC - 2/22/17
6 month old Billies, 8 week old Nanny's and Billies.   $60

Cashmere goat kid.

For Sale in Weaverville, NC - 2/2/17
Intact male buckling, soon whether, born 12/16/2016, black with white socks, rear, and crown.   $100

2 weathers

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 1/30/17
8 months old   $50  each.

2 year old Billy goat

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 1/30/17
Nubin-Alpine-Boar cross great breeder.   $150

Alpine Dairy Goat

For Sale in Vale, NC - 2/3/17
3 years old, currently bred. Very sweet family goat!   $200

3 Big Newbium billy goats

For Sale in Cedar Mountain, NC - 1/30/17
11 months old.   $185  each OBO.

Boer Billy Goat

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 2/3/17
2 years old, easy to handle, proven producer.   $350  OBO.

7 Pygmy.

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 1/25/17
Nanny, some bred.   $175  each.

Katahdin and Dorset ewes.

For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 1/24/17
Call for details and pricing.   CONTACT
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