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Boer Goats,

For Sale in Rutherfordton, NC - 5/22/17
2 1/2 yr old breeder buck, and doe, and 4 month old buck. pics are from about 2 months ago. $75-$175 OBO.   CONTACT

ADGA Nubian Goats

For Sale in Sugar Grove, NC - 5/22/17
Spotted nubian bucklings for sale. 8 weeks old.. Very healthy friendly, and very colorful. Everything up to date   $150  OBO

Nubian nanny,

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 5/19/17
retired milk goat, $75. Also, free Nubian buck, retired stud for dairy goat.   CONTACT

Boar Goats.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/22/17
Billies, nannies, and kids. Born this year. Call Ken.   CONTACT

Nigerian Dwarf Doe.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/19/17
Pure bred, 2 years old, black, blue eyes. Hornless, very nice personality.   $175
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For Sale in Fletcher, NC - 5/22/17
Alpine milk goat, 2-years old, friendly, $150. Female goat, 1/2 alpine, 1/2 boar, 1-year old, $100. Alpine billy goat, 1-year old, $125.   CONTACT

Katahdin hair sheep lambs.

For Sale in Clyde, NC - 5/17/17
3 months old, 1 ram and 1 ewe.   $125  each.

Farm or Home with Land to Rent-to-Own

Wanted in Anderson, SC - 5/22/17
In the Anderson, Starr, or Iva, SC areas.   CONTACT

Dairy Goats (2)

For Sale in Laurens, SC - 5/22/17
Nubian/Saanen bucks, each 4 months old.   $150


For Sale in Dallas, NC - 5/15/17
Four month old male, wormed, socialized.   $150


For Sale in Vale, NC - 5/15/17
4 year old Alpine, currently milking. 1 year old Nubian, ready to breed this up coming season. Both are very sweet and healthy. Nubian kids to be born in June and July. Call for more info and pictures.   CONTACT

Alpine goats,

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 5/8/17
bred does $150. and up.   CONTACT

Boar Goats.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/8/17
Males, females, and kids. Call after 5 pm.   CONTACT


For Sale in Nebo, NC - 5/15/17
(1) 3-year old Lamancha Pygmy cross; (1) 2-year old Pygmy Billy; (1) 4-month old Lamancha Pygmy Billy cross.   $100  each.

Ram Lamb or Young Ram Wanted

Wanted in Franklin, NC - 5/5/17
For breeding small wool flock. Wool breeds only, polled sheep.   CONTACT
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Long Hair Silky Fainter's

For Sale in Six Mile, SC - 5/5/17
Long Hair Silky Fainter's With Great Personalities. Please call or text if interested.   $100
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Long-Haired Silky Fainters

For Sale in Six Mile, SC - 5/5/17
Sweet personalities! Call or text if interested.   $100

Wanted: Any free unwanted farm animals.

Wanted in Candler, NC - 5/2/17
Goats, chickens, etc. Especially looking for Pony for son. Will be in 4-H family.   CONTACT
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Mini-Alpine Goats

For Sale in Connellys Springs, NC - 4/27/17
Three males, two are intact. Friendly.   $75

French Alpine dairy goat.

For Sale in Weaverville, NC - 4/27/17
3 year old doe, great milker, $150. 1 year old new milker, 3 month old buck, very friendly, great line.   CONTACT

Pigmy goat babies

For Sale in Otto, NC - 4/26/17
8 weeks old, assorted beautiful colors, wormed and healthy. Franklin area. Nannies $125. Withers $75. No text.   CONTACT

3 black rams.

For Sale in Mars Hill, NC - 4/26/17
2 are 1 year old, $150 each. Other is 2 years old, $175. Call after 3:30 PM.   CONTACT

Kiko Goats.

For Sale in Fries, VA - 4/25/17
Buck and does, pure bred. Proven hardy healthy genes that are well adapted to local climate. Does are easy kidding, love their kids. Great cross with boar enhances their genes.   CONTACT

Billy Goat Wanted,

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 4/24/17
Saanen Dairy breed with no horns.   CONTACT

Saanean Bucklings For Sale

For Sale in Sylva, NC - 4/26/17
Registered, great bloodline, from heavy production does   $200  Firm

Registered Boer Buck

For Sale in Rutherfordton, NC - 4/26/17
One year old. Spots on head and neck. Very large goat.   $500

Saanen Goats.

For Sale in Conover, NC - 5/19/17
Bucklings, ADGA Registered four months old, champion bloodlines both sides. Great Dame National fourth place.   $300  each.


For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 5/23/17
Weekly Small Animal and Poultry Auction. 10am Saturday, 96 Traders Pl. Waynesville NC. 828-454-5501. NC Licensed and Bonded. Auctioneer D. Mike Cagle, NCAL 4825.   CONTACT
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