Post an ad!


How To Post An Ad:

1. "Post An Ad" Button: Click the "Post An Ad" button, which can be found in various locations throughout the website.

2: Select A Category: Through the provided drop-down menus, choose a category for the item you're listing, as well as whether the item is for Sale, Rent, or Wanted.

3. Ad Fields:
Fill out all required fields. Please note that each field will automatically populate your ad. You do not need to re-type contact or price information in the description field. Your location/zip code will help make your ad more searchable for customers online.

4. Photos: You can upload free online photos with your ad. Click "Upload Image" to find image file(s) on your computer or camera. You can select all images at once. Once the images have been fully uploaded, you will see them as thumbnails, and can crop or rotate them by hovering over each one and clicking the buttons.

5. Online Enhancements: You can increase the visibility of your online ad(s) by selecting from our online enhancements: Top Banner Ad in Search Results, Highlight Ad in Search Results, Featured Banner on the Home Page, or Highlight Ads With Border In Search Results.

6. Print Publication: You may select to have your ad placed in print for additional exposure. This option will be automatically selected by default.

7. Run Schedule: Ads can publish from 1 to 4 weeks. You can select the number of weeks you want your ad to publish by clicking on the calendar.

8. Payment (if required): Click "Continue and proceed" at the bottom of your screen, which will take you to the payment screen. Please enter payment information if you ad requires it, and click the "Proceed" button. You will then receive a confirmation email for your submitted ad, and will receive a second when it has been proofed and approved.

Ads being placed on by individuals selling personal items are free, and the associated print ad is free up to 40 words. Additional words are charged at $0.10 per word, per week. You may edit your print ad separately from your online ad to reduce the word count.

You will be considered a Business Customer if you advertise a service, a job opportunity, or retail/inventory items as a source of income. Business Customers pay an affordable weekly rate of $7 per week to be placed in the Hickory print publication.

All “Premium”, designer, or registered Dogs for Sale ads require the “Purebred/Exotic” button to be selected, which results in a minimal $5 charge. Failure to do so will result in ad rejection.

All ads can run up to 4 weeks. Before your ad(s) expires, you will receive a courtesy email reminding you to renew your ad.

All ads will be proofread by our Classifieds Department. Please note that ads may be edited to ensure a quality, consistent product. Any ads that IWANNA USA LLC determines are scams, unpaid business ads, or do not follow our guidelines, can be cancelled. Customers should receive emails notifying them if the status of their ad is changed. IWANNA USA LLC reserves the right to remove ads or disable customers at our discretion.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager at


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