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Why Advertise in IWANNA?

As an over-the-counter, paid circulation paper, IWANNA possesses some unusual characteristics.

  • With over 13,000 classified ads, and more than 4000 column inches of display advertising, averaging more than 200 pages each week, IWANNA is a major influence in the marketplace.  Thousands of people buy and sell through the IWANNA readers each week.
  • Unlike subscription-based publications, IWANNA readers make the decision to buy the paper each week with the intention of purchasing a product or service.  This is a clear indication of the value of IWANNA to its advertisers.
  • IWANNA reaches, perhaps, the broadest segment of the population of any medium in the market.  Readers can find antiques, apartments, computers, appliances, child care, books, pets, homes, rental properties, tractors, vehicles, lawn mowers, motorcycles, boats and more.
  • Many display advertisers have used IWANNA continuously for years with excellent results.  The value of consistent advertising in IWANNA is well documented.
  • IWANNA offers a professional sales staff and a graphics service department to meet your marketing and advertising design needs.

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