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Blue tick hound

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/24/16
TO GOOD HOME ONLY!!!! Need to find a good home for this beautiful amazing girl, she needs a loving family that has time for her and is able to take her on long walks... She is very sweet and playful, and loves to cuddle and play Fetch with her toy duck. We just don't have time to give her the...   Free

Labrador Puppies.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/23/16
12 weeks old, to good homes.   Free

Free pet rabbit.

Free Stuff in Brevard, NC - 9/22/16
9 month old female Deilenaar pet rabbit with hutch and food supplies.   Free

Deer Dogs.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/22/16
Two. Also, Feist puppies, out of squirrel stock.   Free

2 young cats,

Free Stuff in Ellenboro, NC - 9/22/16
black and white, both house trained, very friendly. Also has a bag of cat food included.   Free

American Bulldog,

Free Stuff in Franklin, NC - 9/20/16
brindle in color, 3 years old. Gentle male, not a barking dog. Free to a good home!   Free

Bully Mix, two years old, housebroken,

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
very good with children, never outside, wonderful dog. Free to good home only.   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
Male, to good home, very nervous, needs some training.   Free

Shepherd, Male

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
Paid $200 for him. To good home only!   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
Litter trained, 8 weeks old, orange, calico and gray.   Free

Mixed Breed Dog.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
Long hair, large dog, male. Call for details. To good home only. Leave message.   Free

Boxer, 13 Years Old

Free Stuff in Pelzer, SC - 9/19/16
Needs good home.   Free


Free Stuff in Abbeville, SC - 9/16/16
large, 2 year old, male. Good pet or trained to hunt deer or rabbit. Free to good home.   Free

Pekinese & Pit bull mix, 2 free puppies.

Free Stuff in Waterloo, SC - 9/14/16
1 male & 1 female. 6 weeks old.   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/19/16
To good home. Raised inside and litter trained.   Free

Jack Russell dogs,

Free Stuff in Westminster, SC - 9/14/16
free to good home. Call and leave clear message.   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/13/16
Female, 2 years old, runs and trees own squirrel. To good home. Valdese area.   Free

Kimber Cur, female.

Free Stuff in Bakersville, NC - 9/13/16
Around a year old, free to good home.   Free

Kitties (3)

Free Stuff in Lenoir, NC - 9/19/16
Orange female, 5 months; black and white male, 5 months. Calico tortoise, 1 year. Lenoir.   Free

rottweiler shepherd mix,

Free Stuff in Greenville, SC - 9/9/16
4 years old needs room to run, good watch dog. Free to good home. Can send pictures.   Free


Free Stuff in Greenville, SC - 9/9/16
7 years old, inside dog with special eating habits. Free to good home. Can send pictures.   Free

Looking for small breed dog/puppy.

Free Stuff in Asheville, NC - 9/9/16
Will be well cared for. Have to be good around cats, must meet in Old Fort. Please text only.   Free
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Kittens, Free!

Free Stuff in Easley, SC - 9/9/16
2 females; 1 solid gray, 1 black with gray spots. 1 male, black and white.   Free

Chocolate Lab/Blue Tick Hound.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/7/16
Female, 3 months old, all shots, and wormed. Free to good home.   Free

Labrador Puppies,

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/6/16
approximately 12 weeks old, males, brown & black. Free to good homes only.   Free

Free kittens to good home,

Free Stuff in Weaverville, NC - 9/6/16
5 short hair. 3 long hair . Black and yellow . Real pretty and healthy. About month old.   Free

Cats, Free

Free Stuff in Vale, NC - 9/9/16
Less then a year old.   Free


Free Stuff in Morganton, NC - 9/6/16
6 weeks old. To good home only.   Free

Kittens, Long-Haired

Free Stuff in Taylorsville, NC - 9/9/16
Mother is a Manx, Father is Maine Coon. 6 weeks old Sept. 8th. Free to good home!   Free

Kittens, three, female, 6 weeks old,

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 9/2/16
all black. To good homes only.   Free
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