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Family dog

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/28/15
Homeless loving family Dog . Needs a good home. He's potty trained and loves kids and animals. He looks about 2-3 yrs old and has black, Brown and white as his colors.Will send pictures if interested. He is about 50 pounds, medium sized. Likes in or outside, is laid back inside and playful when...   Free

Boxer NKC Females.

Free Stuff in Newton, NC - 8/27/15
Free to good homes only. My work now requires me to travel and I am unable to take my boxers with me. 2 females NKC registered.   Free

Puppies, Free!

Free Stuff in Spartanburg, SC - 8/28/15
Chow/Lab/Pit mixed. Need a good home.   Free

Big Red Male Dog, Free

Free Stuff in Harmony, NC - 8/28/15
10 years old. This is a gentle giant that needs a home! Harmony.   Free

Dog, Medium Sized, Free!

Free Stuff in Dana, NC - 8/28/15
Young male, blonde. Intelligent, playfully, doesn't bite. Needs good home!   Free

Mixed Walker Puppies, Free

Free Stuff in Lenoir, NC - 8/28/15
Mixed with Lab and Pitbull. Can text and send pictures.   Free

Giving away a English Springer to a good home.

Free Stuff in Franklin, NC - 8/24/15
2 year old beautiful English Springer. Giving away for free to a good home that will take great care of him.   Free

Golden Retriever.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/24/15
White, female, 2 years old. To good home.   Free

Border Collie, black and white.

Free Stuff in Granite Falls, NC - 8/24/15
Mattie is healthy and good with children. Free to a good home. Call   Free

Miniature Dachshund Puppies,

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/24/15
4. Also, three mixed puppies, and one full grown Chihuahua. All to good homes only.   Free

Pit Bull.

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/24/15
3 years old, good watch dog. Very hyper! Call Barry,   Free

Boxer White Female.

Free Stuff in Greer, SC - 8/22/15
2 years old. She is very sweet and kid friendly. Looking for a loving home.   Free

2 Chihuahuas.

Free Stuff in Greenville, SC - 8/21/15
1 brown, 1 brown and white. Free to good home. Must give away do to downsizing. Vet references.   Free

American Cattle dog.

Free Stuff in Marion, NC - 8/20/15
Beautiful girl, 40-45lbs. Needs very good home. Free. Will need shots and 3-month flee pill. Not able to care for her.   Free

Small Breed Dogs to Good Homes Only

Free Stuff in Nebo, NC - 8/24/15
10 total. I am disabled and can not take care of any longer. Calls only.   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/18/15
7 months old, beautiful, and lovable. Used to being inside, great with children. To good home only.   Free


Free Stuff in Burnsville, NC - 8/17/15
runs with roosters to make sure nothing gets them. Free to good home.   Free

Red Lab, Free

Free Stuff in Anderson, SC - 8/24/15
1-1/2 years old, up to date on shots and preventatives, is intact. Needs a fenced yard.   Free


Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/14/15
Black, 7 years old, shots, spayed, to good home only   Free

Jack Russell/Mini Schnauzer pups.

Free Stuff in Candler, NC - 8/14/15
Male and female siblings to a good home ONLY! Born Dec. 2014. Both adorable. Very attached. MUST go together!   Free

Shih tzu female.

Free Stuff in Hartwell, GA - 8/13/15
6 years old. CKC registered. Free to a good home. Hartwell GA.   Free

Boston Terrier Mix

Free Stuff in Hendersonville, NC - 8/12/15
Free to good home. Perky, active, lovable 1 yr. old Male with shots; neutered. Very playful; needs yard to run in.   Free

Pit Bulls,

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/12/15
5 in all, 3 puppies and 2 adults. Non aggressive, to good homes only.   Free

Great Pyrenees, about 3 Years old.

Free Stuff in Taylorsville, NC - 8/10/15
Free to a loving home.   Free

Pit Bull, Female

Free Stuff in Hickory, NC - 8/17/15
Full-blooded American Pit Terrier, 7 years old. Up to date with vet/shots, spayed. Looking for good home.   Free

Dogs free to good home only.

Free Stuff in Pickens, SC - 8/10/15
Call for more information.   Free

Boxer Mix Puppies, Free!

Free Stuff in Black Mountain, NC - 8/10/15
We have 2 males and 1 female. All adorable!   Free

To the right home:

Free Stuff in Anderson, SC - 8/5/15
2 female Pittweiler dogs. Must fit requirements.   Free

Terrier/Chihuahua Mix, Free

Free Stuff in Maiden, NC - 8/10/15
Male, almost 2 years old.   Free
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