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IBM Zeacom Server with Dialogic 6 Port Card.

For Sale in Brevard, NC - 12/6/16
Everything works. One Daialogic 6 Port Card. D/120JCT-LS card and room for three more. No OS and no software. #S/N ACC 1002255. Pick-up Brevard.   $200

Apple iPhone 4 Accessories

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 12/5/16
3 covers, 3 screen covers, 1 house charger, 3 car chargers, plus other pieces.   $5

I Phone 5.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 11/18/16
Three caddies, lifetime case, charging wires.   $200

LG V10 T-Mobile

For Sale in Conover, NC - 11/17/16
One month old, paid $650. Upgrading to an iPhone.   $400

AT&T GoPhone

For Sale in Pendleton, SC - 11/16/16
ASUS ZenFone Android smart phone. Used 2 months.   $99

AT&T phone and recorder system.

For Sale in Enoree, SC - 11/30/16
4 wireless phones, recorder and all. Like new.   $60

Vtech cordless phone with answering machine.

Wanted in Asheville, NC - 11/8/16
Can use one taken out of service but still functional, maybe only needing a battery.   CONTACT

Microcell Signal Booster,

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 11/18/16
for AT & T cell phone. Never used.   $75

Landline caller ID phones.

For Sale in Statesville, NC - 11/9/16
Three; GE, V-Tech, and AT&T. The AT&T is a digital answering speakerphone, model #1545. All have instructions.   $15

Sprint PCS Vision LG LX 350

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 11/16/16
phone. With video/camera, texting, VM, etc. About a month old when dropped in a pool. Probably needs a battery.   CONTACT

AT&T remote answering system.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 11/29/16
Smokey pearl color. Remote access from touch tone phones. Call intercept from any extension. Like new.   $9.99
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GE White Phone with answering system.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 11/30/16
12 telephone number memory with 3 one-touch quick dial buttons, message playback, LED message counter, etc.   $4.99
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