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Play It Again Records

For Sale in Valdese, NC - 11/23/16
Vinyl records, cassette, tapes, DVDs and CDs. Golden Oldies, Country, Gospel, R&B, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Metal. Many CDs for $10 and Tapes for $5.   CONTACT

Vintage records.

For Sale in Franklin, NC - 11/14/16
Classic rock. Call for details.   CONTACT

Vinyl Albums. "Jackson's Triumph"

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 11/7/16
by Jackson Five. Michael Jackson "Off The Wall" album and "Midnight Magic" by The Commodores album. Can text pictures.   CONTACT

300 CD's,

For Sale in Candler, NC - 12/1/16
Country, Blue Grass, Country Western, etc.   $400
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Parenting Stop Defiance & Disrespect CDs

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 11/14/16
4 great Kirk Martin CDs. Practical/useful tools for all ages! Regularly $197. Asking   $45
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Calm kids parenting program.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 11/11/16
4 great Cd's by Kirk Martin on parenting for kids of all ages. Regularly $197. Asking   $45

CD player,

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 10/28/16
AM/FM radio, has 2 speakers. Asheville area.   $20

Record (45) of "Macon Town" and "Why Should It Be?" Wanted.

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 11/9/16
Produced in Galaxy 3 Studios, Taylorsville. Will pay $45-$50 per copy if in good to excellent condition.   CONTACT

Someone to Burn Songs on CDs

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 11/10/16
Need over 100 songs done. Willing to pay.   CONTACT

45 RPM records,

For Sale in Bakersville, NC - 11/29/16
Beatles, Hailey, Jackson's, Osmond's, Presley, and more with sleeves. Bakersville, NC.   CONTACT

VHS Movies, DVDs, 45 and 33 Records, 8 Tracks and Cassettes

For Sale in Pendleton, SC - 11/24/16
Very hard to find items! Call for details. Located in Pendleton, SC.   CONTACT

VHS kids movies,

For Sale in Hendersonville, NC - 12/1/16
unopened, new. Hendersonville.   $5  each.

2-LP vinyl records.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 11/22/16
Classic Christmas songs by Arthur Fielder and Boston Pops. Brand new. Collector's dream. Have great value.   $9.99  each. $15 for both.

VHS tape. The Grand Adventure of the American Southwest.

For Sale in Asheville, NC - 10/31/16
American Southwest scenic beauty. Beautiful and Awesome Visuals! Explore it! Downtown Asheville.   $15

Record albums & CD's

For Sale in Candler, NC - 11/16/16
24 classical music albums. 4 sets of 19 more. All in great shape. Billy   CONTACT
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