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8-Track Tape Player

For Sale in Morganton, NC - 1/16/17
With speakers. Portable or electric. Antique, probably from the 1960's.   $75

21 VHS tapes.

For Sale in Easley, SC - 1/5/17
Mostly children, some adventure.   $0.75  cents each.

45 RPM records.

For Sale in Bakersville, NC - 1/4/17
640 total, special price on all. Call for details.   CONTACT

Cerwin Vega.

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 12/22/16
AT-12 house speakers, 12" woofer, 5" mids, 2.5" Pizo tweeters.   $300

200 Cassette tapes,

For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 1/10/17
Country, gospel and more. Will negotiate price.   CONTACT

Record (45) Wanted of "Macon Town" and "Why Should It Be?"

Wanted in Hickory, NC - 1/12/17
Produced in Galaxy 3 Studios, Taylorsville. Will pay $45-$50 per copy if in good to excellent condition.   CONTACT

45 RPM records,

For Sale in Bakersville, NC - 12/27/16
Beatles, Hailey, Jackson's, Osmond's, Presley, and more with sleeves. Bakersville, NC.   CONTACT

VHS Movies, DVDs, 45 and 33 Records, 8 Tracks and Cassettes

For Sale in Pendleton, SC - 1/2/17
Very hard to find items! Call for details. Located in Pendleton, SC.   CONTACT

VHS kids movies,

For Sale in Hendersonville, NC - 12/29/16
unopened, new. Hendersonville.   $5  each.

45 and 33 records.

For Sale in Lake Junaluska, NC - 12/16/16
Various artists. Haywood County. Call after 5pm,   CONTACT

Country music and Christmas

For Sale in Lake Junaluska, NC - 12/16/16
audio cassette tapes. 6pm-10pm   $2  each.

Record albums & CD's

For Sale in Candler, NC - 12/21/16
24 classical music albums. 4 sets of 19 more. All in great shape. Billy   CONTACT
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