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Do It All Help wanted.

Jobs in Hendersonville, NC - 7/24/14
Need D.L./Own transportation. Must be willing to work flexible hours. Need some experience/willing to learn Carpentry&Remodeling. Salary depends on experience. Call after 4:00pm.

Mower operator wanted

Jobs in Arden, NC - 7/22/14
For lawn in Arden, NC. Show driver's license & proof of personal liability ins. To apply, call

Looking for a treadmill experienced repair

Jobs in Bakersville, NC - 7/15/14
person Bakersville area, willing to pay reasonable service fee. Please call

Looking for driving instructor.

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 7/10/14
For lady on disability, have learner's permit. In Asheville. Call

Domestic home and garden,

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 7/10/14
Two 6 hour days per week, $11 per hour.

Seeking someone with a truck

Jobs in Canton, NC - 7/8/14
to help me move a few things to a storage unit, Needed August 1st. Will pay $50.

Looking for experienced roofer

Jobs in Swannanoa, NC - 6/27/14
to fix leaks and looks for leaks on my mobile home. Swannanoa area.

Looking for a company to transfer my truck

Jobs in Pickens, SC - 6/25/14
from South Carolina to Boston, Mass. At a reasonable price. Must be licensed.

Wanted: Someone to fall 2 trees

Jobs in Clyde, NC - 6/20/14
just to drop on the ground. $37.50 per tree.

Handyman wanted

Jobs in Candler, NC - 6/25/14
to do small jobs around the house 3-4 hours per day. Run errands, be a little mechanically inclined. Call any time
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