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Wanted: Person to build 18x18 building-rough cut lumber,

Jobs in Weaverville, NC - 5/26/16
finish inside with sheet rock, hardwood floors, etc. Paying CASH. Location Weaverville Call

Elderly lady disabled needs help with yard work,

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 5/24/16
minimal house repairs. Oakley Community.

Elderly man looking for caregiver or aid.

Jobs in Greenville, SC - 5/23/16
Liberty area only, $8 an hour, or live in. Must have valid drivers license.

Needing a man to help around the house,

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 5/23/16
no cleaning, no carpentry. Just helping hang stuff up, etc. 2-days work, maybe more. $15/hour.

Someone who is good with computers.

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 5/19/16
To help me put in job applications. Call any time.

Wanted someone who knows how to work

Jobs in Weaverville, NC - 5/18/16
on a 78 Toyota pickup. Call evenings

Needing someone to help sell items on the internet,

Jobs in Hendersonville, NC - 5/9/16
or in consignment. Will receive 50% in what is sold. Call for details. In Horse Shoe.

Wanting someone to come on regular basis

Jobs in Hendersonville, NC - 5/9/16
to pull weeds, transplant plants, and spread pine needles. $10 per hour. In Horse Shoe.

Handy man,

Jobs in Marietta, SC - 5/6/16
to help clean out a shed. You can keep what you clean out.

Yard man.

Jobs in Marietta, SC - 5/6/16
For cutting and trimming every two weeks, Gap Creek road in Marietta SC.

Looking for a female,

Jobs in Hendersonville, NC - 5/5/16
to drive me to doctors appointments, going shopping and maybe helping around the house. Hendersonville area.

Electronically savy person needed to

Jobs in Hendersonville, NC - 5/3/16
connect my DVD player and my VCR to my TV.

Need volunteer to haul away

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 5/12/16
brush and already down trees. Call for more information.

Female ballroom dancing partner for free cruises.

Jobs in Sylva, NC - 4/28/16
Male PhD seeking partner to instruct classes as couple on cruise ships. Free cruises/travel, no pay.
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