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Garden and yard help needed.

Jobs in Asheville, NC - 2/10/16
$12 per hour. Bushes and shrubs trimmed. Yard work, general cleanup. Please call

Wanted a person to help disabled veteran to service

Jobs in Candler, NC - 2/4/16
heat pump/air cheap or free. On fixed income.

Mobile home demolition needed.

Jobs in Alexander, NC - 2/4/16
Will pay $400 plus you can keep all scrap metal. Just demolish and haul off the garbage in exchange.

Looking for handyman.

Jobs in Greenville, SC - 2/3/16
For house remodel. Call for more information.

Looking for electrician.

Jobs in Greer, SC - 1/15/16
Must have experience with electric gate openers.

About 5 or 6 real large trees.

Jobs in Arden, NC - 1/11/16
70-80' trees. Needing someone to cut them and haul off for the wood.
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