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Katahdin, hair, ram for trade

Community in Mars Hill, NC - 1/9/17
4 years old, perfectly healthy, just need a change in genetics.

Want to Trade for a Moped

Community in Marietta, SC - 1/10/17
I have a side-by-side refrigerator, wood stove, and construction tools. Leave text please.

12 gauge Remington express pump to trade.

Community in Greenville, SC - 1/3/17
I have a 12 gauge Remington pump shotgun that I would like to consider trading for a 20 gauge side by side or over/under for bird hunting. Remington is in good shape, used very little. Has camp tape on woodwork for turkey/duck hunting.

I have a Uberita 45 Long Colt.

Community in Taylorsville, NC - 1/20/17
Trade for Ruger SR9 9mm or 40 cal.

Antique auto parts.

Community in Asheville, NC - 1/17/17
Will trade auto parts or flea market items for load of firewood.

Looking for Road King with low miles.

Community in White Pine, TN - 1/10/17
Will trade anything of equal value.

1997 Ford F-150

Community in Asheville, NC - 1/12/17
167k miles, extra cab, 4x4, runs great. Swap for Mini-van in good shape, with low miles, same year or newer.
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