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Emu chicks.

For Sale in Pelzer, SC - 4/30/15
Health 4 to 6 weeks old chicks, Call or text.   $175

Rhode Island Reds, sexlinks, comets, and buff.

For Sale in Woodruff, SC - 4/14/15
New chickens born, ready to go. Also Coachins. Won't last long!   $7  each.


For Sale in Marion, NC - 4/21/15
Brown reds, greys, etc. Call for details.   CONTACT

Small pigeon coop,

For Sale in Morganton, NC - 4/29/15
holds 8-12 birds.   $40  OBO, may trade for guy stuff.

Golden comet pullets,

For Sale in Candler, NC - 4/20/15
Vaccinated. 19 weeks old.   $12  each. Buy 12 or more $10 each.


For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 4/21/15
EVERY SATURDAY AT 10AM CAGLE'S LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE 96 Traders Pl., Waynesville, NC 828-454-5501 Farm Related Merchandise Machinery & Equipment Goats, Sheep, Small Animals, Poultry We Sell for the Public - Buyers & Sellers Welcome! AUCT. D. MIKE CAGLE, NCFL# 6146   CONTACT

Wanted: Free Chickens

Wanted in Vale, NC - 5/5/15
Hens or roosters, for farm (not meat).   CONTACT


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 5/5/15
Purebred, white Wyandottes and black Cochins, different ages. $3 to $5 each   CONTACT


For Sale in Taylorsville, NC - 4/29/15
RI Red, RI White chicks, $1.75/each. Black & Lavender Orpington,Welsummer, Black Astralorp chicks, $2.50/each. All "straight run".   CONTACT

Bobwhite Quail Chicks.

For Sale in Taylorsville, NC - 4/29/15
Bobwhite chicks starting at $1.50/ea, increasing $.50/ea with every 2 weeks of age. Taylorsville, NC.   CONTACT

Thompson white, Kelso,

For Sale in Buffalo, SC - 4/23/15
Givens Hatch, Gavilan Hatch, Grey's. Hens and pullets $25 - $30 each. Stags $30 and up.   CONTACT

Baby Guineas.

For Sale in Buffalo, SC - 4/23/15
One week old $4 and up. Older Guinea Jacks $12 and Hens $20. Call for details.   CONTACT

Orphington Roosters.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 4/27/15
And hens, purebred, three months old. $10 to $15 each.   CONTACT
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