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Coturnix Quail,

For Sale in Piedmont, SC - 6/19/14
around 4 weeks old. Asking $3.00 each. Also have day olds for $2.00 each.   CONTACT

Game chickens.

For Sale in Alexander, NC - 6/19/14
Ram tuff hatch, Canadian mugs, white hatch, blue face hatch chicks, regular greys and mixed game. Call Weldon for pricing.   CONTACT

Digital Temperature Controller.

For Sale in Hiddenite, NC - 7/13/14
Hot or Cold. Good for egg incubators. Can be set at any temp from 54 F to 194F.   $40

Don't Miss the next Mills River Chicken Sale!

For Sale in Mills River, NC - 7/21/14
Saturday August 2nd, 7:30am-10:30am, The Little Farmers Market, Highway 280, 2 miles from the Asheville Airport.   CONTACT

Coturnix Quail

For Sale in Taylorsville, NC - 6/26/14
Standard brown, straight run, should start laying around 2nd week in July   $2.50  and up depending on age.

Baby ducklings.

For Sale in Seneca, SC - 7/5/14
I have 3 ducklings for sale. 2 are mallards and the other is a blue Swedish $5 a piece for mallards and $10 for the blue. Contact me anytime after 11 am.   $5


For Sale in Hickory, NC - 6/26/14
$8 each. Baby chicks. $5 each.   CONTACT


For Sale in Marion, NC - 7/9/14
Taking orders for 2014 hatch, 1 day old, $3 each. Adult guineas $12 each. Marion, NC   CONTACT

Buff Orpington laying hens.

For Sale in Anderson, SC - 7/15/14
13 month old, excellent layers, excellent temperament yard birds. Three Month old poults, $18.   $28  each.

Wanted: Free Chickens

Wanted in Vale, NC - 7/14/14
For yard pets for kids to raise.   CONTACT

Chicken Coop.

For Sale in Catawba, NC - 7/9/14
8x8, insulated and electric, vinyl sided with windows, includes nest boxes.   $450

Rhode Island Red

For Sale in Woodruff, SC - 7/15/14
Sex links and Buff. Grown and ready to start producing eggs. Come get them quick. From $3 to $6.   CONTACT  each.

Game rooster.

For Sale in Burnsville, NC - 7/9/14
White hackle and hatch, stag.   $25  or trade for full gray rooster.

Pekin Ducklings

For Sale in Enoree, SC - 7/9/14
Baby ducks of all ages. Price varies by age.   $6  each.

Old English Bantam Chicks

For Sale in Enoree, SC - 7/9/14
Self Blue and Black. 3 - 4 weeks old, feathered and outside.   $3
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