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Chicks 3 weeks old!

For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 8/4/14
Ameracuana black chicks, straight run, hatched July 13th. True Ameracuanas, have muffs. beards! Will lay blue eggs!!!   $3

12 Laying hens,

For Sale in Barnardsville, NC - 8/4/14
1 rooster, Barred Rock, Golden Comet, White Leghorn, $6 each, 13 small ones for $3 each.   CONTACT

Tom Turkeys.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 8/4/14
Mature. $30 each. Turkeys, younger. $25 each.   CONTACT

Golden comet pullets,

For Sale in Candler, NC - 8/1/14
17 weeks old,   $10  each. Buy 10 or more $9 each.

Red Sex Link Roosters.

For Sale in Lenoir, NC - 8/1/14
12, 1 year old, free range. $4 each.   CONTACT


For Sale in Marion, NC - 7/31/14
Whites, blue pearls, greys available.   $10

Exotic pheasants.

For Sale in Greeneville, TN - 7/31/14
Different breeds, different sizes and different prices. Can meet people in the Asheville area.   CONTACT

Game chickens.

For Sale in Weaverville, NC - 7/31/14
Bennit gray chickens. Weaverville area. Call for prices.   CONTACT

OEG Bantams

For Sale in Marion, NC - 8/4/14
Crele, BB Reds, Blacks, Splash, Quail, Blues, Barred, Red Pyles, Lemon Blues, Silver Duckwings, Golden Seabrights.   CONTACT


Wanted in Greenville, SC - 7/30/14
good laying hens.   CONTACT


Wanted in Greenville, SC - 7/29/14
good laying hens   CONTACT

Nice barrock roosters

For Sale in Greenville, SC - 7/29/14
Around 5 months old. 4 available.   CONTACT

Tom Turkeys.

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 7/29/14
$30 each and hatchings, $25 each.   CONTACT


For Sale in Brevard, NC - 7/28/14
black copper, 1 pair, 2 years old,   $5

Blue Splash Cochins and Japanese Mixed Bantams

For Sale in Hickory, NC - 8/18/14
Rooster and 2 pullets, 8 weeks old. 3 for $10 each.   CONTACT

Pilgrim geese.

For Sale in Lawndale, NC - 8/7/14
Rare, beautiful, gentle. Easy to sex, girls are grey, boys are white. 2014 Hatch pair $75, Mature pair $100.   CONTACT


For Sale in Waynesville, NC - 8/26/14
EVERY SATURDAY AT 9AM CAGLE'S LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE 96 Traders Pl., Waynesville, NC 828-454-5501 Farm Related Merchandise Machinery & Equipment Goats, Sheep, Small Animals, Poultry We Sell for the Public - Buyers & Sellers Welcome! AUCT. D. MIKE CAGLE, NCFL# 6146   CONTACT

Pharaoh Quail Hatching Eggs

For Sale in Andrews, NC - 7/31/14
Wild Pharaoh Quail Hatching Eggs $6 dozen. Guaranteed fertile. Pick up only. Call 828-321-3251. Andrews NC.   $6
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